​Hello I am Lisa Bridge, a Worcestershire artist with a passion for campervans.

Upon buying my beloved, rusty old Volkswagen T2 Bay called 'Kevin,' I have been inspired to paint pictures capturing the spirit of adventure that all VDub owners experience at some point, when travelling in their cherished vehicles. There is nothing like parking your home below the stars and witnessing the spectacle of nature. Dramatic sunsets create beautiful effects and stunning silhouettes and it is this combination which has inspired me to focus on capturing the natural environment, with the iconic shape of the air cooled VDub vehicle.

A quirky retro-style rolling landscape has been added on some canvasses, influenced with colourful patterns used throughout the 60s and 70s when these wonderful original Campervans were created. I also paint the more modern vans.


Nothing can beat travelling the globe and experiencing life on the road - together with Kevin the Campervan, I hopes for many more years of travel and artistic inspiration! 

Pictures, as they are painted will be added to this website, find me on Facebook too. As an artist and graphic designer, I can produce all of my pictures in print and card form. Why not commission me to paint a landscape based on your bus and travel experience? A totally unique item for all VDub owners and enthusiasts. 



 t: 07769 815481  e:info@aircooledart.com